Friday, 29 August 2014

Support for Cancer Socieity

Kia ora its Tamara
E ako ana ahau ki te: I learnt today how to make a flower and crown for daffidol day I had lots of fun
you will need:
a stapler/glue

how to make a flower
first you cut out a square
then you do a circle and draw out some pedal shapes
next you cut the pedals out and colour it in 
last decorate it
how to make the crown
first cut a pattern out mine was triangle line
then make sure you can fit it
next if you cant do a strip of paper staple it on
last put a rose at the start of the first triangle if your a boy draw skellitons
           Thanks for following these steps for flowers and crowns


  1. I like the way you thought of making a paper flower

  2. make shore it makes sentenc

  3. Tamara this is cool your blog is KA PAI.